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Build Interactive Projects

Learn how to make interactive projects and improve on your STEM skills. Each class will end with an independent project and presentation! Our instructors will help you develop and research your project to culminate in a final project that students can customize. The projects can reflect your student's interest and passions! Learn with groups so you can develop projects together with guidance from the instructor.

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Instructor Support

Experienced Student Instructors who can help your child grow! Our passionate instructors have years of experience and are happy to help your child learn. They have learned and taught multiple courses and are knowledgable in their field. If you need more support, they are free to help you independently!

Our Team
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Diverse Class Offerings

We offer courses that are meant to ignite passion in your child! From astronomy to computer science, your child is bound to find something they adore at STEMATICS. Through our engaging class content and welcoming instructors, your students will receive guidance on school subjects and resources to further their education. Helping local charities and food banks allows us to donate money to those in need. Learn more about our cause today!

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Stematics Tutoring

We are supporting kids in the community during the pandemic! Through our group tutoring and events focused on STEM, we help spread awareness and our knowledge in the community. We have hosted hackathons and different competitions, all free to the community! Help us reach our goal of $1000 during this session, thank you for your contributions!

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